Marja Meronen


plastic tubes installed on tree stumps

There are no boundaries between reality and imagination, visible and invisible. Choices for positions are given, but in the end everyone defines them themselves. For me finding the boundaries is not as relevant as searching and exploring them. These journeys take place in interaction between the time, place, material and the experiencer.

My realization process is an interlaced discussion between theme and material. Reminiscence produced by the material is often the starting point. In this work, I was intrigued by these fresh tree stumps I found as I was exploring the area. The yellowish flesh as an opening, resin from the roots bleeding, wanting to feed the green there used to be.


Marja Meronen (b. 1971) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. She has Barchelor of arts degree in fine arts in environmental art from Tampere Polytechnic and is currently finishing her Master’s degree in environmental art at Aalto University.