_MG_1015 copy

Aleksi Jaakkola


wood, puu 2014

The complexity of nature forms and design is a integral whole. By placing an object in the nature creates a narrative and changes space to new kind of entity.

In this work, something has taken out and then brought back to its natural surrounding. A figurative object, in somewhat, mimicking human appearance, is struggling to get forward from its current state, which direction, that remains viewer’s decision.

Aleksi Jaakkola is Helsinki based artist currently attending MA course of Environmental Art at Aalto University / In my works from photography to installations, the nature and landscape of the north is strongly present. The landscape is a link between the physical and spiritual. Characteristic for my works is a feeling of desolation and space with emptiness, filled with a sense that something has happened, somewhere or that something will happen.

website: http://aleksijaakkola.com